#WIP. Here’s my (rather poor) attempt at sketching a Realistic!Alice Baskerville! Lol, sorry if this looks nothing like her and if the proportions are crap. I haven’t drawn in ages. XD

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Hi! Omg, oo, Pilipino din ako, haha! I didn’t know you were too! :) So glad to hear from you; akala ko kasi wala nang ibang Filipino fans ang Pandora Hearts, huhu. XD

Jack himself stated he was the one that he was the one that killed oswald (he said it when he found oswalds body) and it seems oswalds body was near alices tower so he probably killed him when oswald was on his way to kill alice

Oh, that’s a good point, anon! Indeed, there was this chapter, where he said: “I killed my own best friend.” while staring at Oswald’s corpse. But to me, it just seems…kind of illogical to leave the scene and head for Alice’s tower — only to stop along the way and decide to go back into the room just to kill Oswald again.

I can’t help but think that Jack may have said this line out of pure guilt — because technically, he is responsible for Oswald’s death any way you look at it.

My best guess, though, is that something else must have happened to Jack before he stormed into Alice’s tower. Because 1) he was still calm and collected when he left Miranda and Oswald. But when we saw him confronting Alice, he looked all sorts of mad, anxious and weary. And 2) where did he drop Gilbert off? Maybe Oswald did catch up with him somehow, and they had another fight — but err, that seems…a bit too far-fetched, so I don’t know about that.

Also during the aftermath of the tragedy, Jack was trying to get everyone to think that he was the real hero, and that Oswald was the mastermind behind the fall of Sablier. He may have just told everyone that he killed the “bad guy”, so that he could have easily gain more praise and acceptance from the people around him.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me, anon! :)


Thoughts about Retrace 95 under the cut. Warning for heavy spoilers.

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Pandora hearts.


I just realized that I have forgotten some details about the manga.

Damn, I will have to reread it again.

Unless, of course, someone is kind enough to remind me how Jack Vessalius wanted to bring the world to the Abyss so that the world can be together with Lacie?

And how did he manage to persuade the Will of the Abyss/Intention of the Abyss to do that?

And how did Glen or Oswald handled the situation? (like why kill everyone in Sablier? And how did he manage to stop Jack to only destroying Sablier?)

Yea, I really need to reread pandora hearts. Well, just great.


/ WARNING: spoiler-heavy for Pandora Hearts’ plot twists

It all started when Revis / Levi Baskerville told Jack Vessalius that there are invisible “chains” wrapped securely around the world, which basically serves to separate the two dimensions and ultimately prevents the world from falling straight into the abyss.

If I remember correctly, Jack took advantage of the Will of the Abyss’ feelings for him, and prompted her to break these chains that “restrict him from meeting her”. But since Alice’s and the Will of the Abyss’ bodies were not strong / mature enough to channel the power required to break these chains protecting the world, the Will of the Abyss made Jack form a contract with Oz, the Black Rabbit instead.

To prevent Jack’s plan from succeeding, Oswald released his five chains and used them as an alternative and literal “chains” to hold the world together (which also rendered him practically defenseless during his confrontation with Jack and the Black Rabbit). He decided to sacrifice Sablier in order to save the rest of the world, seeing as it was the most ideal and quick solution to the problem at that very moment. But in doing so, the abyss would swallow the entire city and turn the people living in it into chains — which would basically prevent them from partaking in the one-hundred year cycle of rebirth. He didn’t want to put that curse upon the innocent people involved, so he ordered the Baskervilles to kill everyone before such a thing could even happen. (Weeeeelllll, except for Miranda Barma.)

With Oswald successfully interrupting his plans, Jack’s remaining go-to-person was the Will of the Abyss. But Alice quickly saw through his plans, and had to resort into killing herself just so she could destroy Jack’s sole link with the Will of the Abyss.

Aaaaand that’s basically the story of how Jack screwed up, ended up ruining everyone’s lives, lost the only people who have genuinely cared for him, and gaining absolutely nothing in the process. I hope this helped! :)

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Hi panget! Ano ba yung request mo? Haha. May bayad ‘to ahh. Chos. :P

sorry to bother you, but I think you should know that your photoset with "Imagine that the world..." is officially the best PH edit I've ever seen (◕‿◕✿) and believe me; I've seen a lot. you're a genius *bows*. you really make awesome stuff. may I ask what program do you use? and how long did it take you to master it? in years or centuries XD or maybe you're born with it haha.

Hi! First of all, I am so terribly sorry for the late reply. For some reason, Tumblr hasn’t been notifying me about these messages, so I’ve only just seen them now, eep. ><

Aww, you are much too kind! Thank you very much! I use Adobe Photoshop to make my graphic edits, and Adobe ImageReady to animate my GIFs. :) But, omg, noooo! To be honest, I don’t think I’ve mastered Photoshop just yet; I still have a long way to go and a lot of things to learn about the software. Right now, I only know the basic stuff, and most of the time, I just click random buttons and throw in as many effects as I can until the output finally satisfies me. So yeahhhh, I don’t think I’m close to mastering it — but I’m really, really glad that there are people like you who appreciate the effort that I put into my work. Thank you very much! :) / bear hugs you

Imagine Glen!Oswald succeeding in his plans to go back in time, and finally stumbling upon Young!Lacie. When he threatens to kill her in exchange for the safety of the whole world, Lacie stares at him in utter confusion and surprise — but after a short while, she simply smirks and tells him to just get on with it without any further questions. Glen!Oswald begins to move towards her and attempts to raise his sword…but just when he’s about to strike her a fatal blow, Young!Oswald suddenly comes rushing into the room and screams for him to stop. He then puts himself between Glen!Oswald and Lacie: fiercely trying to protect his younger sister from his older self.

Serious Question Here…


well, no not really.

If Vincent and Ada were to kiss in the manga (this does not necessarily mean right here and now in the present timeline, but could also include an epilogue omake or something of that nature), do you think Ada would initiate it or Vincent?

They almost kissed way back when during that first date of theirs at the start of the Headhunter Arc. But that was obviously just Vincent trying to get Ada flustered and trying to get her to spill more information and such (or to shut her up, I can’t really remember all that well). But now things are rather different. So, what do you think?


I think it would be Ada. To me, Vincent seems to be the kind of person who’s very confident and resolute when it comes to deceiving people – but he tends to be the complete opposite when he’s forced to outwardly show and / or acknowledge his own emotions.

He’s not exactly as strong and as confident as he likes to pretend he is; the only reason why he’s managed to keep his cool up until now was because he’s already had a ‘plan’ meticulously laid out for his own life ever since he was young, and he has been acting on it without fail. Caring for Ada – or probably for anyone other than Gilbert – was never a part of this ‘plan’ to begin with. Without these sets of ‘rules’ that he’s unconsciously imposed on himself, Vincent is most likely to feel lost, vulnerable, and uncertain.

That being said, he may find it hard to outwardly display his affection towards someone he really cares for – (i.e., Vincent never touched or consoled Gilbert when he broke down. Nor did he cry for Elliot when he died. Instead, Vincent redirected his anger and grief towards Duke Nightray, and was even confused as to why he acted the way he did.) – and this is probably because the notion of loving and being genuinely loved in return may seem very foreign / unfamiliar to him. Initiating a physical contact out of pure love is very different from merely just doing it for show – and for someone who’s spent his entire life loathing himself, doing such a thing may even require a great amount of effort and courage. (Oh God, forgive me for how cheesy this may sound to you.)

No matter how changed Vincent may seem now, I don’t think he’s ready to fully open up to anyone just yet. It will take some time, and he needs constant fixing – and that’s exactly why he needs Ada now more than ever. Ada’s still the shy and sweet girl that she’s always been, yes – but now, she’s gained a different air of confidence, strength, and perceptiveness around her. I can totally see her leading their relationship when all of this is over; maybe she could set up a date for the two of them, or clasp their hands together, or give him a small kiss every now and then – and Vincent would stubbornly pretend that he doesn’t like it one bit, but Ada would know better than to trust his words, because Vincent would lean into her touches, anyway.

I don’t know how exactly, but slowly and surely, he’ll definitely learn to open up around her.

(Okaaaaaay. I think I just went waaaayyy off-topic now, I AM SO SORRY. But I just love Vincent (and Ada), and I tend to talk A LOT when matters concern him, eeep. ;u;)

omfg, editing monochrome caps is a nightmareeeeeee.

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